Sega’s Campaign Against Nintendo


Sega Genesis’s library compared to Super Nintendo’s


Link to video advertisement:

These ads were taken from the competitive times between Nintendo and Sega, and the race to see who would come out the victor, although it’s pretty clear which company won. Because of this, I will be looking at the losing side and how their marketing campaign pitted up against Nintendo’s.

All these ads have something in common: they glorify Genesis and bash Super Nintendo. Because of this, the worldview here is “I want to be superior, so I will purchase the superior console”.  People want the better, flashier product, and what better way to advertise this than put down the opposition?

The target audience (at the time) was niche because video games didn’t appeal to many people. Nowadays, you’ll almost never find a household without a Nintendo Wii in the living room. But back then, video games were considered “children’s toys”. It’s interesting to see a medium and its companies slowly grow from targeting a niche audience to targeting a mass audience.


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